Dickensian Photography Workshop and Walk

These workshops are designed for groups of between 5 and 12 people and are available on various days depending on Andrea's availability

Tickets: £20 (including workshop and museum visit)

For more information or to find out when the guide is available please email events@dickensmuseum.com or telephone 020 7405 2127

Learn how to use your DSLR in manual mode while visiting historic Dickens locations.

Dickens applied his unique power of observation to the city in which he spent most of his life. He routinely walked the city streets, 10 or 20 miles at a time, and his descriptions of nineteenth century London allow readers to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the old city.

David Perdue

This one day photography workshop examines the city sights that inspired the great Victorian author and sustained his lifelong fascination with the great metropolis. Suitable for photographers of all levels, the day will be led by professional photographer Andrea Artz, whose work has been exhibited in the Charles Dickens Museum.

The morning begins with the opportunity for a self-guided visit of the Museum at 48 Doughty Street, the only remaining London home of Dickens, and therefore an inspirational starting point.

Participants will meet Andrea in the Museum for a brief introduction to the course at 12:30 before embarking on a bespoke walk taking in a variety of Dickens locations.

What you can expect from the day:

  • A more in depth understanding of the history connected with each Dickens location you visit
  • A combination of demonstration and practical exercises
  • An introduction on how to use your camera on Manual Mode including metering, ISO, f/stop, shutter speed, focus and white balance.
  • Tips on composition, including: rule of thirds, perspective, orientation, framing, decisive movement, use of colour and line, choice of lens, use of light
  • Assistance with use of cameras for beginners or those with new equipment and a more in depth approach for those with established photography skills
  • Bespoke advice and feedback for each individual and recommendations for further reading

We really enjoyed our time on the workshop and couldn’t believe the value for money for £20 each. I really would recommend it for those interested in photography, Charles Dickens or walks around London. It’s a literary London walking tour and photography workshop rolled into one!


These workshops are designed for groups of between 5 and 12 people and are available on various days depending on Andrea's availability.

Depending on availability
12:30 - 16:00

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