Dog’s Nose & Shandygaff: an evening of forgotten cocktails

£20 per person

In partnership with London Gin Club

All ticket holders must be minimum 18 years of age and be able to produce ID if required.

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For more information please email or telephone 020 7405 2127

The Gin Shop, Charles Dickens Museum

Tasting session and special bar

‘[Mr Tapley] produced a very large tumbler, piled to the brim with little blocks of clear transparent ice, through which one or two thin slices of lemon, and a golden liquid of delicious appearance, appeared from the still depths below, to the loving eye of the spectator.’— Charles Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit

Dog’s Nose and Shandygaff are just two of the many punches and cocktails Charles Dickens describes his fellow Londoners enjoying. But many of these ‘wonderful inventions’ have fallen out of our drinking tradition.

Tonight we’re inviting London Gin Club to reinvent some of those forgotten glories, starting with Dickens’s tales, his family’s drinks recipes, and the list currently on display in the Museum of what he stocked in his cellar.

The evening’s ticket includes:

- A tasting session and talk by the London Gin Club;

- A bar with a special menu of forgotten cocktails;

- Opportunity to explore Dickens’s home

Join us for an informal and sociable evening of discovery for the mind as well as the tastebuds.

This event celebrates the loan to the Museum of Charles Dickens’s cellar inventory (c. 1865)

The Gin Club, Charles Dickens Museum

Thursday 16th February
Timed entry from 18:30

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