Hearing Catherine: An Evening of Stories and Songs with Felicity Ford and Guests

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Hearing Catherine: An Evening of Stories and Songs

Join us for an informal, interactive, mischievous evening of performances that brings a 21st-century punk attitude to the subject of Victorian friendship, femininity and domestic decorum.

This special event is led and performed by artist Felicity Ford. It features her friends the actor Rachel Moffatt and Louize Harries, textile artist, craftivist and co-founder of Pick Your Finger. It celebrates Catherine Dickens and her pioneering friends, dubbed an “irreverent coterie” by her biographer Lillian Nayder. Catherine’s friends included activists and artists, such as the pianist Christiana Weller Thompson and Abby Hutchinson, an abolitionist and member of what may have been the USA’s first touring pop group.

Inspired by these historical figures, this event asks what the relationship is – or could be – between female friendship, activism, emancipation and power. The performers respond to that question with a fittingly irreverent combination of amateur accordion sing-a-longs, a joyous exploration of vocal menu-planning, and an experimental mix of recent tracks by female musicians and melodies that Catherine would have known and heard.

The three artists each take a room in the Dickens home and perform at different times over the evening giving you the opportunity to listen and interact with them in turn, then tour the Museum and drink at the bar in between.

The event is part of the programme for the exhibition Discovering Catherine: The Other Dickens. It celebrates Ford’s commission to create a series of audio works threaded through the House in response to the exhibition. These sensitively imagine the sounds of Catherine Dickens’s world. They also seek to give her a voice, performed by Moffat, from what remains of her letters and notes. In a very different way, Ford and her collaborators this evening ask what it means to claim your voice today.

Find out more about the special exhibition The Other Dickens: Discovering Catherine


Wednesday 21st September
18:00, 18:30, 19:00


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