Doctor Marigold’s Prescriptions

Tickets: £16 (Include Performance and Museum entry)

Running time: Approximately 1 hour

The Museum will be open from 10am – 8pm on Thursday 10th August; you may redeem your ticket for the Museum before or after the performance.

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Alternatively to book a place please telephone 020 7405 2127, for more information please email

Ian Pearce: Dr Marigold's Prescriptions

Following huge success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival over the last two years, performer Ian Pearce is bringing this heart-warming and colourful Dickens tale to life in Doctor Marigold’s breathless sales patter!  

Doctor Marigold, named after the doctor who delivered him, is a "cheap-jack" who hawks sundries from a travelling cart he inhabits with his wife and his daughter Sophy.

The story follows the rise and fall of his fortunes, his adoption of a mute circus girl, love, loss and hope, delivering on all of the wonderful twists and turns we have come to expect of a Dickens classic.


The word ‘breath taking’ is not too strong a term to describe this performance! Mesmerising, stunning, awe-inspiring.

Audience Review, Edinburgh Fringe 2015


"A gem of a show. Storytelling at its most wonderful."

Audience Review, Edinburgh Fringe 2015


Charles Dickens the master storyteller himself would surely give a nod to Ian Pearce for bringing Doctor Marigold so gloriously to life.

Rob Johnson Breath Out Theatre, Manchester 2015


 “Amazing acting and beautiful storytelling! I wasn't familiar with this Dickens story, so I had no idea how the plot would unfold. I was engaged from start to finish with Pearce's touching storytelling and hung on to every word.”

Audience Review, Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Dr Marigold's Prescription


Dr Marigold's Prescription

Thursday 10th August

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