Ghost Stories for Christmas performed by James Swanton

Tickets: £22 (includes Museum visit)

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Suitable for ages 12 and over.

The performance lasts approximately 60 minutes.


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Shutter up the windows, dim the candles, and settle by the fire for a Christmas ghost story, told by no less a master than Charles Dickens.

Here are three of Dickens’ Christmas ghost stories: not only A Christmas Carol, but The Chimes and The Haunted Man. Their words unlock a world teeming with goblin-infested bells – with dark and shadowy doubles – with Ghosts of Christmases Past and Present and Yet To Come. These tales chill the marrow and tickle the funny bone, but always they enchant, as only the works of a master storyteller can.

The ghost stories are performed by James Swanton, who took Dickens to the West End’s Trafalgar Studios in the acclaimed Sikes & Nancy (‘fantastical … remarkable … startling and enthralling’ – Simon Callow) and has also performed all five of the Christmas Books at the Charles Dickens Museum (‘extraordinary … superb … it couldn’t have been more vivid!’ – Miriam Margolyes).

This promises to be a seasonal treat like no other. For these ghost stories are the very spirit of Christmas: enchanting, exuberant, and ultimately redemptive.


Monday 9th December: A Christmas Carol (18:00)

Tuesday 10th December: A Christmas Carol (15:00), The Haunted Man (18:00)

Wednesday 11th December: A Christmas Carol (15:00), The Chimes (18:00)

Thursday 12th December: The Chimes (15:00)

Friday 13th December: The Haunted Man (15:00), A Christmas Carol (18:00)

Saturday 14th December: The Chimes (15:00), A Christmas Carol (18:00)

Sunday 15th December: A Christmas Carol (15:00), The Haunted Man (18:00)



‘An incredible presence on stage … This is storytelling at its finest, no post-modern irony or knowing asides needed’ – The Big Issue

‘Highly engaging … A spectacular performance … Shines a light on how audiences would have originally enjoyed Dickens’s work … A very affecting piece of theatre …’ – Huffington Post

‘If you want a masterclass in one-man theatre, there’s no finer place to be’ – London City Nights



9th - 15th December

15:00 & 18:00

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