Punch and Puddings with Pen Vogler

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This Christmas, join our guest curator, food historian Pen Vogler, author of Dinner with Dickens: Recipes inspired by the life and work of Charles Dickens, and learn about Victorian sweets and drinks, as served by Dickens at home and cooked up by his characters. In Dickens’s own kitchen, treats to be tasted include Smoking Bishop Jelly, Italian Cream and Ginger Bread and Dickens’s Punch.

Dickens's Punch

         Dicken's Punch from Christmas with Dickens by Pen Vogler, published by CICO Books (£9.99) Photography by Ria Osborne © CICO Books


In the drawing room, you will have the opportunity to hold some rarely seen treasures from the Museum’s collection store such as menu cards, dinner invitations in Dickens’s own hand as well as other artefacts owned by the novelist.

Explore all five floors of the Museum as part of the special exhibition Food Glorious Food: Dinner With Dickens. You will discover how a dinner party might be prepared and enjoyed and what Dickens and the people in his life (both real and imaginary) had to eat. Every room tells its own story of dinner with Dickens, and shows how his appetite for shared food was sharpened by his own experience. 


Punch and Puddings

Thursday 6th December
Timed entry from 18:00

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