Dickens on Tour

Wednesday 26th June to October 2013

As part of this interactive exhibition, both local and worldwide fans of the great author were invited to catapult Dickens into 2013 by taking him on a tour of their locale in the modern world. The resulting pictures, from the top of Ben Nevis through to the Grand Canyon were gathered together and the author’s journey translated into a grand map. The journey culminates in Dickens’s local neighbourhood of Bloomsbury illustrating what the area would have looked like when he lived at 48 Doughty Street during the late 1830s.

See the fantastic results of Dickens’s worldwide travels on Historypin… We would love to see Dickens continue his travels around the world and hear of his adventures in far flung and exotic destinations! If you wish to join the tour just print a copy of the utterly dapper Dickens (above) and away you go…

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