Global Dickens: For Every Nation Upon Earth

Tuesday 14th May to Sunday 3rd November 2019

When we think of Charles Dickens we often think of a quintessentially British writer but Dickens wasn’t just inspired by London, his beloved ‘Magic Lantern’, Dickens was writing about  - and writing for - the world. This new exhibition presents a global picture of Dickens, exploring the impact of his travels on his life and his writing, and examining how Dickens has gone on to shape the lives of people around the globe.

Using magnificent exhibits from the Museum’s unparalleled collection - including Dickens’s travelling bag, holiday souvenirs, and a spectacular copy of David Copperfield that went to the Antarctic on the 1910 Scott expedition – we present Dickens as he saw himself: as a truly global writer.


#GlobalDickens @DickensMuseum

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