Global Dickens: For Every Nation Upon Earth

Tuesday 14th May to Sunday 3rd November 2019

When we think of Charles Dickens we often think of a quintessentially British writer but Dickens wasn’t just inspired by London, his beloved ‘magic lantern’, Dickens was writing about – and writing for – the world.

This new exhibition presents a global picture of this famous author, exploring the impact of his travels on his life and his writing. Taking his own travels in Europe and North America as a departure point, it examines how Dickens was not only influenced by these places but went on to be a global cultural force, shaping the lives of people around the planet.

Using magnificent exhibits from the Museum’s unparalleled collection – including Dickens’s leather travelling bag; a Manga edition of A Christmas Carol; and a spectacular copy of David Copperfield that went to the Antarctic on the 1910 Scott expedition – we present Dickens as he saw himself: as a truly global writer.


With thanks to guest academic co-curator, Professor Juliet John of Royal Holloway, University of London.

#GlobalDickens @DickensMuseum

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