The Dining Room at 48 Doughty Street

Today, following the magnificent refurbishment in 2012 for the bicentenary of Dickens's birth, which also incorporated the next door house into the Museum, 48 Doughty Street has for the first time, been restored to what it was really like when Charles Dickens lived here over 175 years ago. As you will discover when you visit, the renovation work is outstanding with enormous care taken in every detail. I have been fortunate to wander around the building entirely on my own, lingering in each room as the great man would have done. If you let your mind wander, it is easy to imagine him writing, entertaining, relaxing or sleeping – his presence in the house is palpable. What makes the experience so special is that it really doesn't feel like a museum, it feels like a family home where a young man of 25, so full of life and promise, lived and loved. It never ceases to amaze and inspire me.
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