Dickensian Walks - Sundays

Walks take approximately an hour and a half, starting outside Borough Underground Station and ending near London Bridge Underground Station.

The streets of Southwark are the very streets in which the genius of Charles Dickens was forged. On this tour you will explore those streets and see them through the eyes and works of Dickens himself.

We start with a landmark that is just as it was when Dickens passed it en route to begin what he later deemed the most idyllic years of his childhood. We move on to view it from a different angle when several years later it came to haunt both his memory and his imagination. Edging across a churchyard we step through a gateway that passes through the surviving wall of the Marshalsea Prison where his father, John Dickens, was incarcerated for debt in 1824.

Dickens never lost the shame or recovered from the trauma of this period in his childhood and it came to shape him both professionally and emotionally.

The tour then moves on through streets that Dickens knew intimately, we pay a visit to a secret garden the foundation of which the adult Dickens influenced. We see the remains of a churchyard that may have inspired the memorable graveyard scene in the ghost of 'Christmas Yet to Come' sequence in A Christmas Carol. We pay a visit to London's only surviving galleried coaching Inn. We explore a London hospital that has changed little since it featured in Pickwick Papers and we end alongside London Bridge by the steps that are still know as Nancy's Stairs in view of the fact they feature in Oliver Twist.

A gripping and entertaining tour that will, hopefully, leave you asking for more!

From here your guide will happily give you directions if you wanted to then go onto the Charles Dickens Museum to continue your 'Dickens Day'



Selected Sundays


£10 per person,  no concession rate

In partnership with London Walking Tours

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For more information please email events@dickensmuseum.com or telephone 020 7405 2127

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