Dickens and the Spirit of Twelfth Cake Past by Pen Vogler

This year, the film The Man Who Invented Christmas has reminded us how much of a boost Dickens gave to our celebration of the festival, and how he helped to anchor the traditional Christmastide dinner of turkey and pudding to the day itself.  Sadly, though, not even Dickens has been able to prevent his much-loved Twelfth Night from sliding into near-oblivion. 

Queen Victoria's Twelfth Cake

Queen Victoria’s Twelfth Cake, shown in the 'Illustrated London News', 1849. The cake was 30 inches across, gilded around its bowed sides, and displayed an elegant sugar-paste party enjoying a detailed sugar-paste picnic – a scene that provided a genteel antidote to the sort of riotousness the Queen disapproved of.  


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