Dickens's only known surviving clothing is now on display!

Charles Dickens's Court Suit

We're pleased to reveal Dickens's Court Suit in all its splendid glory.

It is the only known surviving clothing worn by Dickens - which he wore to meet the Prince of Wales in 1870.

The close-fitting, waist length uniform coat, made of dark navy wool, with a black silk lining and gilt buttons, was made by C. Smith and Sons Ltd. of Piccadilly. The suit trousers are of similar fabric with gold trim and accompanied by waistcoat and stockings. At the select St James’s Palace gathering, Dickens was presented to the Prince of Wales by the Earl De Grey.

The Court Suit was generously gifted to the Museum in 2015 by Jeanne-Marie Dickens, Hungarian Countess Wenckheim and widow of the late Christopher Charles Dickens (1937-1999), the great- great-grandson of Charles Dickens.

You can visit the Court Suit with general admission to the Museum.


I am going to attend a meeting of the Dickens Fellowship in Melbourne, Australia tomorrow night and am interested in the news about the clothing of Charles Dickens.
I wonder why you have been unable to put it on display in the museum until now?
Looking forward to your reply,
Best Wishes,
Marsha Gray

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