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Dickens giving a speech at the Dulwich College charity meeting at the Adelphi Theatre

Restless Shadow: Dickens the campaigner

Charles Dickens was a novelist who addressed social ills in his fiction. He was also a journalist and activist who boldly and imaginatively campaigned to improve the lives of the most desperate and overlooked in Victorian society.

The exhibition Restless Shadow explores a largely unknown and under-rated body of Dickens’s work that speaks plainly to social justice with energy and relevance—both then and now. It reveals his keen interest in ‘street level’ problems along with other Victorian reformers such as Florence Nightingale and Angela Burdett-Coutts. It shows the practical, hands-on solutions which flowed from his campaigns.

This exhibition will run from Tuesday 9th May to Sunday 29th October 2017

Find out more about Restless Shadow here


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