Mr Scrooge and the Messy Monsters

Family Play

Friday 14th April 

10am, 11am, 12pm, 2pm and 3pm.  

With Museum admission included:
£12.50 per adult, £10 per child

Performance only:
£6 per person

We ask that there be at least one grown-up and at least one child in your group. 

Perfect for ages 6+

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For more information please email or telephone 020 7405 2127

The play will last about half an hour. 

The play will begin promptly, so please make sure you are on site on time. We cannot guarantee that latecomers will be able to join the performance. 

Please note: All special events are non-refundable. 

Mr Scrooge and the Messy Monsters

Meet the Pollution Monsters! 

It is warm, Spring evening and Scrooge is heading to bed. It has been four months since he was visited by three pesky spirits and he’s been sleeping like a baby ever since. Well, that was until three annoying monsters showed up… 

Scrooge may have learnt how to be a better person but his new, frivolous lifestyle is having a big consequence on the planet. Bob Cratchit is burning through a sack of coal a day, his local chicken shop is slinging carcasses into the Thames, and Scrooge is leaving a trail of environmental destruction everywhere he goes. Scrooge has got a long way to go on his eco-journey and it’s going to take three pollution monsters to help him wake up to climate change and see the errors of his ways! 

In this fun and immersive 30-minute play, families will learn about Victorian pollution, unearthing some dirty facts about life in London nearly 200 years ago. From pea souper fogs to a Thames full of poo, the whole family will get ‘waste-deep’ into the  truths behind Victorian pollution and the impact it’s had on our planet. Scrooge will need to learn from his mistakes and implore his friends and family to change before it’s too late. Can you help Scrooge save the day?  

Suitable for everyone over 6, this gorgeously fabulously fun play is perfect for all the family.

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Mr Scrooge and the Messy Monsters

14th April 2023 - Family Performance
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