The Chimes: Virtual

£15 per device

31st December 2022 at 5pm (GMT)

Please note: this is a virtual event streamed over zoom. You only need to buy one ticket per computer device. You will be sent the zoom link an hour before the performance is due to begin. If you purchase a ticket with less than an hour notice, please call us on 0207405 2127 and we'll send you the link manually. 

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For more information please email or telephone 020 7405 2127

The performance lasts approximately 60 minutes.

The Chimes

“Trotty invested the Bells with a strange and solemn character. They were so mysterious … sometimes when he looked up at the dark arched windows in the tower, he half expected to be beckoned to. Yet, for all this, Toby scouted with indignation a certain flying rumour that the Chimes were haunted …”

Join us this New Year's Eve as we bring you a virtual adaptation of Dickens's second festive tale, The Chimes

Toby Veck (or ‘Trotty’) is feeling gloomy as the New Year approaches. He likes to “know the news as well as any man,” but is frightened by what he reads in the papers.

Full of concern for his daughter Meg’s future, and with a nagging feeling that none of us can come to any good, he ventures out one New Year’s Eve to find the door of the Bell Tower has been left open. With a strong sense that he has been summoned, he makes his way in the dark up to the top of the belfry …

Following the success of A Christmas Carol but with a strong sense that its moral was still to be observed by society, Dickens puts his pen to paper again determined to strike another blow “for the poor”.

Full of festive warmth and cheer, Dickens invites you to carry a new heart into the New Year:

“So may the New Year be a happy one to you, happy to many more whose happiness depends on you!”


 "I was spellbound by Dominic Gerrard's one-man show of A Christmas Carol. It's the perfect way to begin your Christmas… "  Lucinda Dickens Hawksley

"A worthy rival to Simon Callow's one man Carol ..." Independent on Sunday

 “ … an exceptionally effective and powerful interpretation of the Christmas story.” The Stage

 “I came away transfixed and am even writing this with a smile on my face … please please please go to see this if you can.” The Public Reviews

31st December 2022 - Virtual Performance

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