The Great Dickens Adventure

The Dickens Walking Tour Only - £15

The Dickens Walking Tour & Museum Visit Offer - £25

20th August 2022 at 11am

This is a walking tour in collaboration with London Discovery Tours. Please arrive 10 minutes early as the tour will depart promptly at 11am. The tour will take about 90 minutes and will finish at Fleet Street. 

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Mr Pickwick in his pajama's with a top hat and boots.

"Mr. Pickwick observed (says the secretary) that fame was dear to the heart of every man."

Before there was an Oliver Twist, long before there was a Scrooge, Dickens created Mr. Pickwick, a hapless London gentleman, whose hilarious misadventures formed the very first Dickens novel, The Pickwick Papers

This was the book which kickstarted the career of Charles Dickens, and it could not have existed without the city of London. More than just a novel, it is a hilarious and melodramatic look at the city itself; the people who lived here, the dramas which coloured their lives, and the hopes and dreams of the people of the capital. 

Join us for a walking tour, as we seek out the real places in London which inspired so many of Dickens's remarkable stories. From the Courts of Law to the Public Houses, we'll be exploring the real places which featured in Dickens's tales, and the places where Dickens himself lived, loved and wrote. 

Explore a whole different side to London, as you immerse yourself into the world of Charles Dickens. 

Please note this is a walking tour through London. Please arrive at the museum 10 minutes early, as the tour will depart promptly at 11am. 

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