Dear Mr Dickens

When Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist, it was hailed as a masterpiece and is still read and loved by people across the world today. However, not everyone has felt that way. Join the Learning Team at the Charles Dickens Museum to find out more about anti-Jewish racism in Dickens’ novel, how one Victorian woman stood up against this and how she changed the way that Dickens wrote.

This session for students aged 8-11 consists of two parts. The first part is a free, downloadable 1-hour session for schools which looks at stereotyping through the lens of Nancy Churnin’s children’s story Dear Mr Dickens, examining why some people, both then and now, have found the use of negative stereotypes in Oliver Twist so problematic. For the second part of the session, schools can choose to book a virtual, interactive tour around Dickens’ house from the comfort of their own classroom, led by an in-character actor. Your class will investigate the social themes Dickens was keen to raise awareness of and discover just what life was like for the rich and poor in Victorian Britain. 

The online session price includes a post-workshop resource pack which includes a lesson which further explores the idea of discrimination in the world today, as well as structured letter writing activities for students to complete themselves. 

Session Plan

Who was Charles Dickens? PPT

Dear Mr. Dickens extract

Stereotyping Exercise

Fagin and Mr Riah illustrations


Online virtual tour (including all downloadable materials)

1-hour, one class, £150 (please note this fee includes VAT and international payment charges). Each additional class is an additional £50.   

Advanced booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.


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