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With this audio guide you can explore all five floors of 48 Doughty Street, the home of one of the world’s greatest and best-loved writers, Charles Dickens.

The guide of the English language version is Ollie Dickens, Charles Dickens’s great-great-great grandson. Throughout, you can hear extra insights on Dickens’s life with Professor Michael Slater as well as listen to rich descriptions of life in the home with storyteller Rachel Rose Reid.

This audio guide is designed to be accessed on your own personal device and headphones. On purchasing this tour you will be emailed a unique code which will unlock the content on the Museum's website.

We recommend accessing the tour prior to entering the Museum in order to enable the pre-download of the audio guides to occur. Alternatively you can use the Museum's wi-fi onsite.

It compliments very well our free of charge Interactive Tour.

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