Let our skilled facilitators inspire your pupils with creative activities and interactive exploration of Dickens’s family home…

All visits include the following:

  • A hands-on taught workshop (choose from the four options listed below).
  • An opportunity to discover the beautifully decorated rooms where Dickens lived and worked with one of our dedicated education team.
  • Interactive guided exploration of the original kitchen with costumes to try on and various servant tasks to complete.

Visit length: 1hr 30 mins

Price: £5 per child

Workshop Options:

The Colourful Characters of A Christmas Carol:

This interactive workshop explores the wonderful characters of Dickens’s much-loved festive tale, revealing how the great author constructed colourful personalities such as Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present through a series of creative and engaging activities. Following their discovery of Dickens’s weird and wonderful techniques, each pupil will be guided through the construction of their very own Dickensian character.

(Relevant curriculum links to KS2 English and History.)

Complementary visits to House of Illustration  may also be booked to enhance this workshop. Please see our Teaching A Christmas Carol page for more details.

The Dickens News:

This literacy-focussed workshop engages pupils in the collective creation of a Dickens inspired newspaper, acting as an editing team to place articles, images and headlines against the clock! Pupils learn about Victorian print culture, Dickens’s life and works, and how to write for different purposes.

Each group will produce a beautiful A2 Newsprint page – perfect for use in project work and display back at school.

(Relevant curriculum links to KS2 English and History.)

Mr Dickens for a Day:

This creative notebook making workshop introduces the basics of traditional book binding and culminates in the instruction of beautiful decoration techniques, using old fashioned stamps and quill pens and ink. Your pupils will learn to understand the methods of writing and printing used in the Victorian period, who Dickens was and how he wrote.

Each pupil will design and make a beautiful notebook to take away for their own writing.

(Relevant curriculum links to KS2 History, English and Art and Design.)

Mrs Dickens’s Kitchen:

Our hugely popular hands-on Victorian food workshop gives pupils the chance to try their hand at butter churning using an antique churn and an original recipe by Catherine Dickens. Your class will learn about Victorian home life, cookery, and the different roles of servants.

Each pupil (and their adults!) will have an opportunity to taste their delicious handmade butter at the end of the session.

Please note that this option takes slightly longer than other taught workshops and will therefore be accompanied by the house tour only.

(Relevant curriculum links to KS2 History, Science and Design Technology.)


Booking forms and enquiries should be sent to: education@dickensmuseum.com

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Pre-visit information

Please note that for workshops a minimum payment for 15 pupils is required. The maximum group size is 30, but depending on availability we are able to accommodate larger groups over the course of a morning and afternoon.

For larger groups of up to 60 our neighbours at The Foundling Museum are often able to accommodate half of your group for a taught visit before swapping over at lunch time. Please see their website for details or email: learning@foundlingmuseum.org.uk  to enquire about availability. 

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