Key Stage One

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Curating Charles Dickens EXCITING CONTENT!

Learn about the life of Charles Dickens and his family by exploring their home just as it was at the start of the Victorian period.

Food Glorious Food! NEW!

Join the education team to find out about one of Charles Dickens’s favourite subjects – food! What kind of food did the Victorians eat? Did the rich and the poor have different food? Where was it prepared? Where was it eaten? How did he make food seem so real in his writing? We will be singing songs, reading from his texts and having a go at writing with quill pens (make sure you don’t come on an empty stomach!).

Virtual Explorer Tour NEW!

Join us on a tour around the Charles Dickens Museum from the comfort of your own classroom! 

Dickens Explorers NEW!

Discover where Charles Dickens lived, wrote and entertained as you explore his Bloomsbury family home.

Tactile Explorers NEW!

Designed for SEND students, this session explores the family home of Charles Dickens where he lived, wrote and entertained. 

Christmas Explorers

Immerse yourself in a Victorian family Christmas! 
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