Key Stage Four

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*New* Dodging the Law: the case of the Artful Dodger

Visit the Charles Dickens Museum and the National Justice Museum team at the Royal Courts of Justice for an immersive, cross-site study day. Students will learn all about Victorian life, crime and punishment, and enact a mock trial in a real, working courtroom. Teachers will also leave with a post-visit resource where students will debate the future of capital punishment in the Victorian era.

Ghosts KS4

The mischievous Marley’s Ghost has trapped Scrooge’s heart deep inside a locked box! Can you help restore Scrooge’s humanity?

Great Expectations; Miss Havisham Revisited

Great Expectations is one of Dickens’s best loved and critically acclaimed works. Using the text, objects and documents from our own archival collection, pupils will explore aspects of Dicken’s own life and experiences that may have influenced this work. In particular they will focus on one of Dickens’s more notorious and memorable characters – Miss Havisham; looking again at whether the common perceptions about her are justified…or not!

Exploring 'A Christmas Carol' in the social context of Victorian Britain

Through a consideration of the text and archival material held here at Doughty Street, pupils will extend their knowledge of A Christmas Carol, by considering how Dickens used the story’s themes and characters to highlight what he saw as some of the most pressing social problems and issues in the Victorian Britain of his day.

Virtual Explorer Tour

Join us on a tour around the Charles Dickens Museum from the comfort of your own classroom!

Dickens: 'Oliver Twist' and poverty in Victorian Britain

In this session, pupils will explore excerpts from Charles Dickens’s fiction and non-fiction writing, in order to explore poverty in the Victorian era and Dickens’s life and work as a social reformer.


Explorer Tour

Discover where Charles Dickens lived, wrote and entertained as you explore his Bloomsbury family home. 

Tactile Explorers

Designed for SEND students, this session explores the family home of Charles Dickens where he lived, wrote and entertained.
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