Ice Cream with Dickens!


What could be more quintessentially English than enjoying a cold ice cream in Mr Dickens's own garden! 

The Charles Dickens Museum are pleased to announce we'll be stocking Criterion Ice Cream for the summer holidays. Made in the UK and with a variety of different flavours, it's the perfect way to round off your visit. 

Although we are not yet able to reopen our cafe to its full capacity, it is great that we can introduce this new way for you to make the most of your day out!

Let's just hope your day is calmer than Dickens's own:

"Who would suppose we had been flying at such a rate, and shall take wing again directly? Refreshment-room full, platform full, porter with watering-pot deliberately cooling a hot wheel, another porter with equal deliberation helping the rest of the wheels bountifully to ice cream."


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