Key Stages 3-4


Become an Animator: Computing Lesson 

Become an Animator Lesson Plan

Story Board

Creative Writing: English Lesson

Creative Writing Techniques Sheet

Senses Sheet

Creative Writing Lesson plan

Conjuring Words Polluted London Lesson

Industrial Revolution: History Lesson 

Article Planning Sheet

Investigating Sources Sheet

Industrial Revolution Lesson Plan

Industrial Revolution Quiz Answers

Mystery Objects and Fossil Fuel

Dickens and Pollution 

The Industrial Revolution Quiz

MP Letter Writing: English Lesson

Carbon Footprint Template

Write a Letter to your MP Lesson Plan

Persuade Activity

Climate Letter Plan Sheet

MP Letter Presentation

Free A Christmas Carol Revision Guide - XP Schools Trust 

Year 11 Students at XP used their learning and understanding of the text to create a student friendly ‘Study Guide’ focussing on plot, character, themes and language. As part of the project, the students worked closely with the Charles Dickens Museum and Lucinda Hawksley, the author, descendant of Charles Dickens and patron of the Dickens Museum in London.

Year 11 A Christmas Carol Revision Guide


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