Lost Portrait Appeal Campaign


The Lost Portrait

Copyright Simon Bevan Photography

The wonderful discovery of the Lost Portrait led to the launch of an immense campaign with the museum needing to raise £180,000. This was met with an overwhelming response from the public to help us secure the portrait for the nation. To read more about the rediscovery click here.

Thank you to all funders, donors and supporters:  

Art Fund


 Arts Council England/V&A Purchase Grant Fund


The John R Murray Charitable Trust


Anthony Hart Charity Trust


The Worshipful Company of Saddlers


The Dickens Family


The Dickens Fellowship


Dickens Fellowship - Aberdeen Branch

Dickens Fellowship - Adelaide Branch

Dickens Fellowship - Broadstairs Branch

Dickens Fellowship - Canterbury Branch

Dickens Fellowship - Cleveland Branch

Dickens Fellowship - Denmark Branch

Dickens Fellowship - Eastbourne Branch

Dickens Fellowship - Japan Branch

Dickens Fellowship - Monterey Peninsula Branch

Dickens Fellowship - New York City

Dickens Fellowship - Toronto Branch


The Friends of Dickens New York


The City Pickwick Club


The Dickens Pickwick Club


The Pickwick Bicycle Club


A Dickensian

Lucy Adamson

Ellis Alden

Ivor Anderson

Michael Ansell

Jeffrey and Mary Archer

Andrea and Keith Badger

Carol Bailey

The Rt Hon Lord Baker of Dorking CH

Maureen Ball

Gojko Barjamovic

Kathleen Barling

Vilma Bean

Neil & Carole Bennett

Evelyn Bittner

Maurice Bluck

Andy Bolton

Pamela Boudreau

Professor John Bowen

John Bowman

Betsy Boyd

Joy Brady Beer

Dr Anne Brice

Jean Briggs

Phillipa Brooker

Stan Brown

In memory of Mr & Mrs J H Buddle

Catherine Burfield

Dr Nicholas Cambridge

The Capewell Family

Dr. Jennifer Carnell

Edoardo Cesarino

Gary Chambers

Daisy Christodoulou

Allan Clack

Bob and Julie Clark

Sue Cleland

Nichola Coates

Linda Collins

Rachel Congdon

Michelle Cottam

Raymond Cousins

Lydia Craig

Susan Crawford

Tim Cribb

Silvia Crompton

Deborah A Daccord

Pip Danby

Neil Davie

Mary Davis

Dr Saibal De

Comtesse Isabel de Pelet

Jo DeLapo

Catherine Dickens

Gerald Dickens

Ian Dickens

Mark Dickens

Joan & Geoff Dicks

Robin Dorkings

Marcy Downes

David Drayton

Peter Dunne

Elaine Ehrenfried

Alderman Peter Estlin

Sir Stuart Etherington

Dawn Fairchild

Mary J. Fallon

Sandra & John Faulkner

Adam Florence

William Flug

John Geiger

Rob and Liz Gifford

Annabel Gormack

Jonathan Gough

Alison Gowans

Paul Graham

Diane Grant

Vanessa Grenfell

John and Nancy Grohol

Thelma Grove

Joseph Hageman

Robert Harman

Jenny Hartley

David Hawes

Sue Hawksley

Nick Haynes

Congressman Steve Israel

Adib Jafari

Professor Juliet John

Julia Johnson

Anita Kane

Jacqueline Kent

Arthur Kilmer

Peter Knowles

Jonathan Kunz

In memory of Lionel Lambourne

Mary Gushue Lawton

Dr Leon Litvack

John Livingstone

Lycia Lobo

London Walking Tours - Joanne & Richard Jones

London Walks - Mary and David Tucker

Roderick Macpherson, Falkland Pursuivant Extraordinary

Joanna Marshall-Collins

Janet Martin

Charles McGregor

Michael J Miller

Luke Millington

Jane Monk

John Montgomery

Janet Nixon

Philip Noel

Fulvia Ogliari

János Oláh

Valerie Packer

Deborah Petrick

Angela Rabin

Frances Ramsden

Michael C Roberts

Trina Roberts

Mary  Roden

David R. Rubin

Emily Schulz

Professor Fred Schwarzbach

Carol Seigel

Andrew Shailer-Smith

Emeritus Professor Christine Skelton

Emeritus Professor Michael Slater

Charlotte Stevenson

Julie Stielstra

Kerrie Stimpson

Cindy Sughrue

Linda Sughrue

Lorna Tones

Diana Trillhase

Elías Martínez Vega

Tracy Wallis

Dr Claire Warrior

Jill Waterfield

Julian Wensley-Smith

Charlotte Werner

Louise West

Christopher T H Whinney

Linette Whitehead

Terry Wickens

Melanie Wilcockson

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Winterflood MBE

Gerard A Woodford and Lisa M Guay-Woodford


And numerous anonymous donors


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