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Discover Dickens through his work, his home and the things that mattered to him most

Dickens's reading desk with Dr Leon Litvack

In this short video, Dr Leon Litvack explores the importance of Dickens’s reading desk, on display at the Charles Dickens Museum. 

Interactive Tour: Drawing Room

Explore the drawing room using our interactive tour.

Audio: 'The Bastille Prisoner'

In this extract, we hear chapter two of The Bastille Prisoner, based on Book One from A Tale of Two Cities.

Search the Collections: Drawing Room

Discover more about the items displayed in this room by searching the Museum's collections database.


Object in focus: Armchair

Reading Desk

Object in focus: Reading desk

Charles Dickens’s prompt copy, ‘The Story of Little Dombey’

In this video we take a closer look at Charles Dickens’s prompt copy, ‘The Story of Little Dombey.’

Young Explorers: Drawing Room

Discover the drawing room.

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