The Haunted House Synopsis

The Haunted House

 This special Christmas edition of All the Year Round from 1859 tells the tale of seven friends who rent a house that is thought to be haunted. Picking lots for their bedrooms, the friends agree not to recount their experiences to each other until they gather on twelfth night, the final day of the Christmas season.


 The Story in context

 After the successful Christmas books of the 1840s, Dickens followed up with yearly Christmas stories published in his journals from 1850 to 1867. The 'Christmas numbers' as they were known included stories by Dickens as well as other authors. For Christmas in 1859, Dickens published this story, which includes short stories by Hesba Stretton, George Augustus Sala, Adelaide Anne Proctor, Wilkie Collins and Elizabeth Gaskell.

The Haunted Man
To Be Read at Dusk
A Christmas Carol
The Signalman

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