A Level and Undergraduate


A levels


Each visit can include:

  • An opportunity to explore the Museum
  • A taught workshop (subject to availability - choose from the options below)

    The story in the scene: creative writing workshop

    Using as inspiration the house where Dickens lived, worked and wrote some of his best loved novels; students create, write and present their own gripping scene – inspired, as Dickens was, by the characters, events and spaces that they encounter and experience here on their visit to Doughty Street.

    Curriculum Links:


    A- Level English Language and Literature (9ELO): Component 3, Investigating and Creating Texts. A1 – Original Writing


    AS Level English Language and Literature (7706): Section 2 – Remembered Places

    AS Level Creative Writing (2750): Unit 2, Crew 2 – Exploring Creative Writing

    A- Level English Language and Literature (7707): Section 1 – Telling Stories


            A-Level in English Language and Literature (EMC) (H474): Component 03, Section B - Writing as a Reader

    Optional Extras:

    Informative and highly entertaining Dickens walk with expert Richard Jones; exploring London through Dickens’s eyes.

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    Booking forms and enquiries should be sent to: education@dickensmuseum.com

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    Pre-visit information

    We have the capacity to run two half sessions each day from 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00. Each half day session, which includes a tour of the Museum, costs £150 per class. Please note that we cannot accommodate more than 30 students per session.

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