Key Stage Three


A Christmas Carol: Creating Scrooge

Using copies of original draft manuscripts from our archival collection, pupils will look at why Dickens’s celebrated and ever popular Christmas story has secured such an enduring place in the English speaking world’s literary consciousness, with a myriad adaptations on stage, screen and print.

Pupils look at the story and its impact on the Victorian Christmas and then go on to undertake a detailed and focused study of the language Dickens used to create the most memorable character in the story - Scrooge himself!

To round off the workshop, pupils channel their own inner Dickens, by either performing a dramatic presentation or by writing their own character creation, using real quill pens and ink!

Curriculum Links:

KS3: English – Reading (pre-1914), Comprehension, Writing


Dickens’s social conscience: Oliver Twist and poverty in Victorian Britain

(bookable from September 2017)

Whilst living here at 48 Doughty Street, Dickens wrote one of his most famous novels - Oliver Twist. In this session pupils will explore this celebrated book as well as excerpts from his non-fiction writing, in order to explore poverty in the Victorian era and Dickens’s life and work as a social reformer.

Curriculum Links:

KS3: History - Social Reform; English - Reading, Comprehension


Crime & Punishment: Exploring Victorian Justice through Dickens’s Eyes

(bookable from September 2017)

In this engaging session, pupils look at a variety of archival resources and ephemera from our collection at Doughty Street to build up a picture of justice, crime and punishment in Victorian Britain through the eyes of man committed to social justice and reform.

Curriculum Links:

KS3: History - Crime and Punishment, Social Reform; English Reading, Comprehension

Optional Extras

Informative and highly entertaining Dickens walk with expert Richard Jones; exploring London through Dickens’s eyes.

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Pre-visit information

We have the capacity to run two half sessions each day from 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00. Each half day session, which includes a tour of the Museum costs £150 per class. Please note that we cannot accommodate more than 30 students per session.

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