Key Stage Two

 Learning at the Charles Dickens Museum

Curating Charles Dickens

In this engaging workshop, pupils learn to handle, identify and understand objects from the past, using actual objects for the Museum’s archive collection. Pupils will investigate what these objects tell us about people’s lives during the Victorian era, and about life of Charles Dickens’s and his family when they lived here in Doughty Street – with clear links between the objects handled in the workshop and those objects the pupils will see and experience during their guided tour of the museum house.

Pupils will also be able to explore the role of museum curator and how objects from the past need to be interpreted in order for the public to understand and enjoy them.

Curriculum Links:

KS2: History

A Christmas Carol: Creating Scrooge

Using copies of original draft manuscripts from our archival collection, pupils will look at why Dickens’s celebrated and ever popular Christmas story has secured such an enduring place in the English speaking world’s literary consciousness, with a myriad adaptations on stage, screen and print.

Pupils look at the story and its impact on the Victorian Christmas and then go on to undertake a detailed and focused study of the language Dickens used to create the most memorable character in the story - Scrooge himself!

To round off the workshop, pupils channel their own inner Dickens, by either performing a dramatic presentation or by writing their own character creation, using real quill pens and ink!

Curriculum Links:

KS2: English - Reading, Comprehension, Writing



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Pre-visit information

We have the capacity to run two half sessions each day from 10:30-12:00 and 13:00-14:30. Each half day session, which includes a tour of the Museum costs £150 per class. Please note that we cannot accommodate more than 30 students per session.

For larger groups of up to 60 our neighbours at The Foundling Museum are often able to accommodate half of your group for a taught visit before swapping over at lunch time. Please see their website for details or email:  to enquire about availability. 

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