Doctor Marigold's Prescriptions: A Charles Dickens Story

Saturday 19th October at 4pm and 6pm (UK time). 

£20 Adult
£15 concession
£10 Child

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We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to the show beginning. Please note that once the performance has started, no latecomers will be admitted to the performance space. This is due to the size of the room, and the impact late arrivals would have on the attending guests. 

All events are non-refundable. 

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“I was named Doctor, out of gratitude and compliment to him. There you have me. Doctor Marigold."



Step into the enchanting world of Charles Dickens with Ian Pearce's mesmerizing performance of 'Doctor Marigold's Prescriptions.' In this heart-warming and poignant tale, we meet Doctor Marigold, a spirited travelling salesman who finds solace and joy in the most unexpected places. Through his captivating storytelling, Marigold takes us on a journey filled with humour, compassion and a deep understanding of the human spirit. 

Charles Dickens himself adored performing this charming story and now Ian Pearce brings it to life with the same passion and brilliance. As Doctor Marigold, Pearce embodies the character's wit and warmth, weaving a narrative that touches the soul and tickles the funny bone. 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness a masterful interpretation of a Dickens classic. 

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19th October 2024 - Live Performance
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