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If you missed it, we recommend you check out this fantastic creation by In The Book. A literary tube map which replaces stations with fantastic pieces of literature set there. With classic London staples such as Great Expectations and Oliver Twist the map also includes lesser known, but equally deserving novels such as Tunnel Vision and The Wimbledon Poisoner. Each piece of literature adds their own colour to the city on this star-studded map.

This map shows you where your favourite characters made a name for themselves. From the legendary Harry Potter boarding his train to Hogwarts at Kings Cross, to Mary Poppins flying into the Banks’ family home just off the Central Line.

You can vividly picture Ebenezer Scrooge skulking home after work through the streets near Monument station, and Sherlock storming out of his address at Baker Street to solve another case - closely followed by faithful Watson.

“We created this tube map of London to get people excited about reading. At In The Book we believe that literature has the ability to paint places like few things can. By getting lost in one of these remarkable stories, you can see London like you never have before. This tube map helps engage people with outstanding novels.” 

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In The Book are a children’s book publisher, established in 2017 in Hertfordshire. We believe that books offer a world for children to lose themselves in, while developing their social skills, confidence and cultural understanding. We are passionate about encouraging children to read, and aim to promote the benefits of doing so. 

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