Young Explorers: Drawing Room

Drawing Room

Drawing Room © Charles Dickens Museum

The drawing room was a place for relaxation and entertainment. It was used in the evening after dinner with guests. It was called the drawing room, not because people liked to draw pictures in it, but as a shortened way of saying the ‘withdrawing room’. After dinner, people would withdraw (go out) from the dining room to this room, where they could feel more comfortable and relaxed after a big meal.

There were lots of ways to entertain each other. They talked, joked, played the piano and sang songs.  Charles also tested out his latest stories on his guests and did imitations of his favourite actors.

What kind of music might guests have listened to in a Victorian drawing-room? Have a listen, or even a little dance, to this French waltz! It was inspired by a character called Little Nell from Charles’s novel The Old Curiosity Shop.

Charles and Catherine also used the drawing room as a place to spend time with their growing family. They particularly liked to play games. Why don’t you click here to look at our activity sheet  and play some of these games with your family!  

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